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A. Popov central museum of communications
The museum is housed in a palace that was built by Italian architect Giocomo Quarenghi in last quarter of XVIII century for Prince Alexander Andreevich Bezborodko (1747 - 1799). In 1829 the palace was sold to Russian Post Office Department and, during almost a century, rooms of the palace had been adapting to the needs of the Post and Telegraph Department.
Nowadays the building is being reconstructed according to architectural - restoration permission of the Committee for the care of monuments of architecture in accordance with up-to-date requirements for engineering and technological infrastructure.
Today a museum collection counts about eight million of stock-keeping units and contains not only documental, but also material stocks on the history of postal, telegraph and telephone communications, radio communications and broadcasting, television, space communications and also data on the newest achievements in development of info - communicational technologies and services.
The central museum of communications is also a keeper of State Collection of postage stamps of Russian Federation.
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